Our Audience Measurement Product pays for itself in the sales you will be able to close armed with verifiable audience data. The service costs $330 for a three month data collection.  


Are you sending your sales team out with half the facts?


You would be hard pressed to find any media brand in Australia that does not at least replicate its products onto the Internet. But for this to be of any value a potential Advertiser is going to need to know just how many people are consuming your Internet media.


The Internet is changing and Web content is moving away from stale static pages to real-time audio and video.


The problem is that most people are still thinking in terms of the banners, clicks and impressions of the static Internet to measure audience. Just because someone visits a web page does not necessarily mean they listened to or saw your video or audio. We only collect results on audience actually connecting to the audio or video content you nominate.


Our product is the first available to independently measure actual media uptake.


Our measurement product will provide statistics on the age group, post code and country of origin of each audience member accessing your audio or video Internet content. Then most importantly, you can rely on our reputation to independently verify this data to your potential advertisers.  Our product works with your web page and web pages customized for mobile devices.


Its as easy as adjusting links.


To install our product no changes are required on your existing Web Site other than to change the link to your audio or video. We will give you a url hosted off audiencemeasurement.com.au. When a users clicks the link they will be taken to our product. This includes a built in player which our staff will customize for you. On the way to the player the vital data is collected by our servers. Because the product operates directly through our servers we can provide a high level of accuracy.


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Ask about our top end product which is streaming based. This provides the most accurate results achievable. For the measurement period  we divert your actual streamed video or audio through our servers. As we deliver media to the public we collect usage data. This means for example audience from phone app’s and other sites such as Tunein can be included. This service is available upon quotation. Please contact us above.